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City: Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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Business Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Travel Industry Start Date: 1980

Destination Specialist In: Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Turkey, Ireland & Switzerland; Africa: Morocco, Ethiopia, West Africa, Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Djibouti, Kenya & Tanzania; Asia: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan & North Yemen; Central America: Guatemala; South America: Argentina & Peru; Indian Ocean: Seychelles Islands, Comoro Islands, & Madagascar; Middle East: Sultanat of Oman & Jordan; Caribbean: Cuba & St Lucia; South Pacific: Australia, Tahiti & the Marquesas Islands

Awards & Training: Murielle was selected out of tens of thousands of agents to make the prestigious 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 "Travel & Leisure A-List" as a specialist for France and Italy.

Murielle Blanchard 2017 A-List

The A-List is Travel + Leisure's annual selection of the world's best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Each year Travel + Leisure combs through hundreds of applications and itineraries to compile this highly selective list. The recognition of being named to the A-List is a testament to Murielle's dedication to excellence, her expertise with her specific destination (France), and the fact that Murielle delivers the highest caliber experiences for clients from start to finish. Only the very best agents in the travel industry are considered.

“Murielle as an amazing travel consultant and her knowledge and expertise to Europe is unprecedented. Anyone lucky enough to work with Murielle in planning a vacation will be truly rewarded," said Brian Hollien, President of Morris Murdock Travel.

Areas of Expertise: Romantic Getaways, Luxury, Cruise, Mountain / Ski & Diving. I offer a wide-range of travel experiences such as exotic journeys, small ship expeditions, tailor-made itineraries, cultural discoveries, philanthropic journeys, inspiring retreats and many more. I can offer you the world, Your Way!

Places I've Traveled: The Nubian Desert in Sudan; North, West, East and South Africa, Madagascar; Comoro Islands; Seychelles Islands; Peru; Vietnam; Thailand; Cambodia; Bhutan; Guatemala; Djibouti; Mexico; Kenya; Tanzania; Senegal; Burkina Faso; Mali; Botswana; Cameroon; Morocco; Ethiopia; Hawaii; Alaska; St Lucia; Argentina; Patagonia; North Yemen; China; the Sultanat of Oman and the Marquesas Islands; and most countries in Europe including the islands of Malta and Corsica and gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Biography: I am native of France, born in Germany. I had the privilege of being raised in exotic places such as Madagascar, Senegal, and Cameroon. Form my early youth, I have been exposed to different cultures and environments. From these experiences I have gained respect for travel and the wealth it can bring to our lives.

I have been a travel consultant for 34 years and during that time I have designed customized itineraries for clients all over the world. I have traveled widely myself and have discovered the most interesting hotels, lodges, and restaurants. I would be delighted to offer you the benefit of my unique travel background. I strongly believe life is enhanced by the trips we take. The world is one big country with many enchanting regions. Whether your next holiday involves family, a romantic getaway, adventure, luxury, or relaxation, I have ideas, contacts, and a wealth of experience to place at your disposal.

I travel for the excitement, the learning experience, the emotion and the possibility to make a better world.

Customer Comments: 
"Bonjour Murielle -

Now that our luggage is put away, the numerous photos are downloaded, and family and friends have stopped asking us about our incredible trip to France, we didn’t want to let more time go by without letting you know how EXTREMELY grateful we are to you for putting together such an amazing vacation. We cannot stop talking about how wonderful our France vacation was. And we couldn't have had such a magical experience had it not been for you. THANK YOU -- MERCI -- THANK YOU!!!

Everything was remarkable! The hotels you selected (their locations could not have been any better); our tours were remarkable; restaurant and site recommendations phenomenal; our transportation great (we enjoyed having our car with reliable allowed us to wander and explore the magnificent countryside and vineyards)... all TOP NOTCH and FANTASTIC! We appreciated that all our transfers and tours were pre-arranged and prepared, so all we had to do was to 'show up'. We loved all your recommendations and we were never at a loss for daily activities. All we can say is that the trip would not have been as remarkable had you not assisted putting it together for us. We are still walking on clouds as this was one of the most wonderful trips we have taken. Everything… I mean everything was perfect!!!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for arranging such an amazing trip for us. We look forward to having you assist us with our next traveling 'adventures.'

Your biggest fans,
Rick & Lulu Carbon


The Italian Lake district to Chamonix to Anncey that you helped guide me to was the trip highlight, as was the time in Beaune riding bikes in vineyards while my daughter was on the Mediterranean coast. Your suggestion that she take the train and meet us in Dijon rather than us driving back south to pick her up was a good one.

Thanks for your help on planning parts of this trip. Since I met you we have spent nearly four months traveling in Europe and it all worked better because of you.

Thanks again.
-Del Draper"

"Dear Murielle,

You are the absolute best. We would be totally and literally lost without you. Thanks for everything!!!
-John Milliken


We had the most wonderful time. You helped us have a lot of fabulous memories!

Thank you so much.
-Hugh & Diana Hoffman"

"Hello Murielle,

We just returned from our cruise last night. Well, you did it again! Everything you touched (planned for us) in our behalf was amazing. You even planned perfect weather. The gift in our room from you and the Black Pearl Luxury Services was greatly appreciated. I told you that you were a princess. I have now been to Europe for three weeks and I know what a princess is and yes, you still qualify.

Sonja and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making our vacation so special. You have done yourself proud!

-Glen and Sonja"


I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts. We truly appreciated all of the tours that you arranged for us. They were amazing! We will use you again and recommend you highly.

Please if you ever need a reference let me know.
-Kristina Schmidt"

"Hi Murielle,

I have to tell you that you have done a fabulous job for us!!! The icing on the cake is Hotel Minerva , what an amazing treasure!! They have a garage right under the hotel and they tend our car for us! We had cocktails and dinner here and the experience is phenomenal! Highly recommend it!!! Our room is superb and staff exceptional!

Thank you so much!!!
-Lori Bresnahan"

"Dear Murielle,

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a wonderful and memorable trip. We profusely thank you for the excellent advice and assistance that you provided us.

With regard to the French portion of the trip, all aspects were outstanding! Le Relais du Louvre was very well located, comfortable, friendly and very French, just as we had hoped. We patronized two of the recommended restaurants twice each; the food and service were excellent, and they were within walking distance and moderately priced.

The Renaissance barge on the Briare Canal even surpassed our high hopes.

Accomodations were spacious and comfortable; the crew members were friendly and very attentive; the scenery was lovely; and the daily expeditions to the various sites were all interesting and unique experiences.Thank you again for your thoughtful and thorough service, and send our best wishes!
- Enid and Rick Grauer"

"Bonjour Murielle,

Pardon our lack of communication... we've been busy with out of town family. I didn't want another day to go by without telling you how grateful we are for all the time, thought and effort you have placed on our dream French vacation!! It looks absolutely wonderful and exciting, and we could not have planned a trip this spectacular and detailed without you!!!! THANK YOU - THANK YOU -- THANK YOU!!!!!! Or shall we say a,'Grand MERCI'!!!!!

The clock is ticking and we are anxiously awaiting our departure to your beautiful France -- We hope to come back and share some of the stories of our wonderful experiences that you helped make come true. From the bottom of our hearts, a warm and sincere THANK YOU!!!

Kindest Regards."
- Rick and Lulu Carbon

"Dear Murielle:

Just a note to again thank you for being such a wonderful guide for Italy. You can’t imagine what a relief it has been to deal with someone as competent and kind as you have been. Knowing we have safe rooms, private transports, tour guides, train, museum, tour tickets, etc. makes a world of difference especially because this particular trip is very stressful trying to make sure everyone’s needs have been given consideration. You are a gem and consistently dealing with you has been a pleasure.

Thank you again."
Eileen Kleinberg

Office Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm