No matter the task, with Black Pearl Luxury Services you can consider it done. We take care of the things you shouldn't have to. After all, you've worked hard and been successful. You deserve this.

Lara Maxfield

Street: 101 S. 200 East
City: Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: 801.483.6436
Fax: 801.295.6095
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Business Days:

  • Monday through Friday

Travel Industry Start Date: 2016

Destination Specialty: South America, North America, Central America, Europe, Caribbean - Esp. Italy, France, England, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Israel, and Washington D.C.

Area of Expertise: Cruises, Family Travel, Solo Traveler, Romantic Getaways, River Cruising, Missionary Pickup, LDS History Travel, Honeymoon Travel, Holy Land Travel, Disney Travel

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Kathy Hirst

Phone: 801.483.6537

Travel Industry Start Date: 2002

Destination Specialty: Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe; France, England, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, United States, Canada, Botswana, South Africa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Island and Tahiti

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Murielle Blanchard Black Pearl Luxury Services

Murielle Blanchard

Street:  101 South 200 East, Suite 100
City: Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: 801.483.6533
Fax: 801.483.6570

Business Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Travel Industry Start Date: 1980

Destination Specialist In: Europe: France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Turkey, Ireland & Switzerland; Africa: Morocco, Ethiopia, West Africa, Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Djibouti, Kenya & Tanzania; Asia: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan & North Yemen; Central America: Guatemala; South America: Argentina & Peru; Indian Ocean: Seychelles Islands, Comoro Islands, & Madagascar; Middle East: Sultanat of Oman & Jordan; Caribbean: Cuba & St Lucia; South Pacific: Australia, Tahiti & the Marquesas Islands

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